Vocal Recordings

Posted in Uncategorized on December 2nd, 2010 by Alen

News from the Wildonemusic Studio!

Sandra and Tom entered the Studio last week to record the vocals on the new album. You will be very surprised with the new songs. Both just kicked ass at the recordings and they are more than satisfied with their vocals.
Elements you know from “Impetus”, just like the choir have evolved in an unique way. The choirs are far brighter and we spent a lot of time with it. Tom and Sandra sang tons of vocals on each song and we are finishing the vocal recordings this Saturday.
Alexander delivered some additional vocals on 2 tracks and stay tuned to hear this new elements as well.

Roman recorded the percussion with last week too. He tried out almost everything that could make a noisy sound and it’s awesome now. It fits perfectly to many songs and gives the album a more rock n’ roll touch.

Here are some pictures from the recordings too

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Acoustic Session @Wildonemusic Studio

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Markus and Alen played their asses of during the acoustic session. It took pretty long, many of the songs contain acoustic parts or at least as backings. The ballad was the hardest piece, but it is worth every single note ;)

Here are some impressions from the session. The pictures are made by Felix Mitterer, as usual ;)

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Eurovision on Ö3

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Now we have finally made the official candidacy for the Eurovision Songcontest 2011 in Düsseldorf. You can view our profile right here

We expect a voting before the TV Duel, so cross your fingers and give us strength to win

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Eurovision Songcontest

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Dear Fans & Friends,

at your suggestion we have decided to send an application for the Eurovision Song contest.

The official application form has been sent to radio Ö3 on Saturday evening, including a 150 people strong supporter list.

Since Friday night there is a Facebook fan site, which is growing with incredible speed.
We still can’t believe how strong the encouragement is and we are very grateful for your tough support.

Austria is ready to rock – we are long ago!

Let’s rock Düsseldorf!

Support rock music from Austria for Austria here:
www.facebook.com/eclipticagoeseurovisionsongcontest2011 (500 fans in 2 days, 800 in one week)

Enjoy our new Promo Video =)

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Drum Recordings

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On Thursday 14th October, we have entered the Wild One Music Studios. Roland Navratil is already recording and oooooh Hell, it’s going to kick ass big time!

Roland Navratil (Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes, Dignity) is recording the drums. We are very happy, because Roland has worked with us for months during all Preproductions and made all the magic happen on the drums. It was a really hard work, Roland was not in Vienna all the time and we had to communicate, program, discuss and coordinate a lot, but in the end it was worth every second. The Drum tracks sound killer and we are glad we could do everything with Roland. This guy is a machine in the studio!

Here is an official statement by Roland Navratil:
“I know Eclipticas music for quite a while now. And as they asked me earlier this year if I could help them out in the studio for their new CD I didn´t hesitate. Due to other live and studio work it took some while to find the time to record the CD. But now there are only 3 songs left and they will be done tomorrow. All I can say is that it will be a great CD. I am looking forward to hear it. And you should stay tuned to check it out !!!”

Ecliptica’s newest band member Roman Daucher will record additional stuff and all percussions on the new album. Roman just kicks ass! In 1 month he was not only able to play the old songs and perform 2 shows with us, he also managed to learn the new songs and now he is even able to record with us in the studio.

More Studio Updates will follow soon….

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@the Studio

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We have entered the Wild One Music Studios just a few days ago. We will record the new album, which will contain 12 brand new songs, until December.
Frank Pitters (Dignity) is recording with us and he also took the position as our producer. Frank has worked with us since months and now we are ready to record all the stuff we have in our crazy minds.
The whole production is far more complex and it will bring Ecliptica’s music to new horizons. We have worked hard for more then a year and now we are ready to take over everything. =)

Just a Factsheet for you:

Vocals: Tom Tieber, Sunny Urbanek
Guitars: Van Alen, Markus Winkler
Bass + Throat: Alexander Basstard
Percussions: Roman Daucher
Piano: Maria Melendez

And finally we have some Guest appearances for you:

Drums: Roland Navratil (Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes, Dignity)
Keys: Frank Pitters

We are looking forward to present you our new songs!

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Posted in Texts on July 6th, 2010 by markus

On Monday, July 19th, 2010 around 14:50
ECLIPTICA live on air!
Join the show @ Radio 88.6

More info: www.886.at

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Night of Rock 2010

Posted in Texts on June 25th, 2010 by markus

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New video of the pre-recordings

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26th, 2010 by markus

As we’ve promised, here is the next video of the pre-recordings!
Have fun & enjoy it!

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Preproduction updates

Posted in Texts on May 17th, 2010 by markus

Last week we have finished some necessary parts of another 2 songs. All guitars are prerecorded up to now =) (except Bonus song). Since we are well on schedule we have decided to make a bonus track just for you! It’s the one with Frank Pitters (Dignity) on Keys. We did the basic track of the bonus song, guess this week we will prerecord the guitars (hopefully) *ggg*.

And of course today in the evening the next drum session starts!
Watch out for the next video later this week!!

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